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Nyshell Lawrence is a multi-passionate author, poet, and creative entrepreneur. Born and raised in Lansing, MI; Nyshell transparently shares her journey from tragedy to triumph, through the art of performance poetry. To further this work, she is the author of Scarred: The Beauty In My Pain, and SHE: A Sista Girls’ Guide to Overcoming Her Past & Pursuing A Limitless Future.

As a creative consultant and influencer, Nyshell is committed to empowering women in life & business, while holding space for women navigating marriage, motherhood, and ministry.

In 2008, she founded Nyshell & Co., a boutique creative consulting agency, where she supports new entrepreneurs in birthing impactful brands.

She is a loving wife to her husband Jonathan; together they have four daughters. As a family they serve in youth ministry at their local church. Additionally, Nyshell is a prayer leader for We As One, a movement of millennial women pursuing their God-given purpose.

Nyshell's lifework is rooted in supporting women during birth - whether babies, businesses, or brands. She'll help you deliver.



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