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bloom where you're purposed

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Many times, I’ve heard the phrase, "bloom where you're planted" - check out your favorite social media platform and you'll find it plastered all over. I appreciate the sentiment; grow in your environment, use the resources you've been given, make the most of your situation. I get it. I wonder though, if by simply "blooming where we're planted" we're limiting our growth and ultimately capping our potential?

Here's the question, should we simply bloom where we are planted, or should we actively cultivate conditions that are optimal to our growth? One thing that planting and gardening has taught me is that every flower, plant, crop if you will, is different and they each have specific requirements for growth.

If you look on a pack of seeds you will find instructions for soil condition, sun requirements, watering needs, and expected harvest time. You can plant those seeds wherever you choose to and you can treat them in any manner that you wish but if you want optimal growth, if you want them to thrive, if you’re looking for best results you need to follow the care instructions on the packet.

The best place to plant, bloom and grow won’t always be where you expect or want it to be. It may seem to you that a plant or flower would look best in a certain space but if the conditions aren’t right it won’t grow, in fact it may even die.

If a container isn’t producing, if the flowers aren’t blooming, if the leaves don’t look healthy, you have to ask yourself is this in the right space? Is it getting enough light here? Is the water draining properly? Is there enough shade? Is there too much traffic? Are critters eating the sprouts? It may be that the container needs to move. It may be that if you take it to the other side of the porch, if you take it to the other side of the yard, if you move it to the backyard, if you place it on a plant stand, you might just see some growth.

And while it’s true that things may bloom where they’re planted - remember the rose that grew from concrete, how muc

h better would that rose be if it was planted in the conditions that were conducive for that specific flower? How much more beautiful, how much more productive, how much more influential, how much greater could you bloom if you’re planted in the right conditions?

Roots don’t lie. Soil doesn’t lie. Fruit definitely does not lie. Sure, you can simply bloom where you're planted - I’d like to challenge you though to check your condition, and then intentionally bloom where you're purposed.

Some of us are in too much dirt, others not enough. Some will vine and flower but will never produce any viable fruit. Your growth can even be stunted by what your container will hold.

I love growing mint. I keep it in a small container on my porch and the more I cut it back, the more that it thrives. I made a conscious decision though, not to plant the mint directly in my yard. Did you know that mint grows like a weed, and if you plant it in your yard without containing the roots it will eventually take over? My mint plant has the ability to grow up and be huge, but it won’t see its full potential because I’m purposely containing the roots.

Some of you are meant to grow like weeds, you’re meant to spread far and wide, but instead your roots are contained. You need more room to stretch and be free. Don't settle for where you're planted - you deserve to grow in your purpose.

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