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Updated: Jun 12, 2023

As an introvert and self-proclaimed homebody, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m hardly the life of anyone’s party. I’m more of a 'sit in the corner, closest to the exit so I can dip as soon as the spirit moves me' type of girl. The battery life on my “people-ing” is pretty short, and I HAVE to be able to get home to recharge as soon as the low battery light starts flashing — sorry, gotta go ✌🏾

black girl in green dress sitting on stack of crates

So while being (or making myself) the center of attention isn’t really my thing, I’m a big fan of hosting parties. It could be a tea party, vision board party, Sunday brunch or game night. I’m always looking for a reason to get a few (read: 2 or 3) people together. From the curated Pinterest board, to themed invitations, matching decorations and hors d'oeuvres, baybee I’m all in!

I love celebrating folks, specifically black women. And I especially love when that celebration is for no documented reason, meaning just because you’re “you.”

I believe I inherited this from my maternal grandma. In her day she was the hostess with the mostest. Growing up, I witnessed her throwing dinner parties that would put many wedding receptions to shame. I’m talking 200+ people in her house, backyard, and garage, with enough food for folks to take home to-go plates. Her house was always open and inviting. Hardly a day went by without her having, and feeding guests. She had a way of making everyone she encountered feel seen and celebrated.

Gram passed away recently (May 2021 but it truly feels like this morning) and I’ve decided that in this season, I want to honor her legacy by continuing the celebration. Celebrating life, celebrating Black women, celebrating Black stories, celebrating for no reason and for all the reasons.

I feel like everyday this act of celebrating could look very different. It could be wearing my favorite outfit, reading a new book or a having a luxe picnic at the the local park. More than anything I want to let the spirit lead me as I prioritize self-care, joy, and giving.

This space is a love letter to every girl I've ever been, and the woman I'm dying to become. ♡

Now let's get into this outfit...

black girl in green dress holding bouquet of flowers

This green quilted dress situation is currently my favorite thing hanging in my closet. I enjoy being effortlessly cute, so dresses tend to be my go to. And this one makes a statement for sure. Plus, it has pockets!

If I can pair it with sneakers, even better. I don't know if every girl goes through a "dress + sneaker" chapter, but I'm definitely in mine.

Disclaimer: I'm not a legit style blogger. You can expect to see this dress in lots (and lots) of pictures, and at many different occasions. 'Cuz one thing I'ma do is repeat my outfits.

black girl wearing sneakers and holding bouquet of flowers

Until next time,


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